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Precon, Inc. Mission Statement:

In business since 1969; Precon, Inc., is a leading manufacturer and calibration specialist for thread ring and plug gages.  Precon also provides superior quality blanchard, double disc grinding, saw cutting, tumble, vibratory and hand deburring services.


We demonstrate a high regard for open relationships that bridge our customers, suppliers and employees.  We achieve superior relationships through excellent communication, trust, respect and teamwork.


We develop quality and continuous improvement initiatives which guide the organization toward its strategic objectives, allowing for growth and profitability.


We meet all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and review our policies and objectives regularly to ensure that they continue to support our business and customer’s needs.




Precon, Inc. is committed to meeting or exceeding the needs and expectations of its customers.  To support our quality goals and objectives and to continually seek to improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System, each employee understands and subscribes to the principle:


“Quality and accuracy is my responsibility”


What this means:


  • Work attentively.  Treat the facility with everyone’s best interest in mind.
  • Work within the system.  Follow established procedures, or recommend change if the change is for the better.
  • Work responsibly.  Know what the process requires.  Check to be sure requirements are met.  When in doubt, ask!
  • Work safely.  Precautionary measures protect both you, the employee, and the products.
  • Work together.  Communicate.
  • Work with the customer.  Develop the philosophy that the next person, internal or external, to receive a product, service or paperwork from you is the customer.
Quality Manufacturing Since 1969


3131 E. La Palma Ave.
Anaheim, CA  92886

Phone: 714-630-3616  FAX 714-630-7634

Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM


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